Thieves pin man for his bank PIN


Nothing good happens after midnight, or so the saying goes. After 4 a.m.? Forget about it.

Two muggers jumped a 53-year-old man on the corner of Reservoir and Goulden avenues around 4:30 a.m., on April 28, just across the street from Lehman College. Police say the two attackers ran up on the man, grabbing him from behind and choking him.

While no injuries were reported, the thieves took the man’s wallet, phone and wedding ring, valued around $400 total, police said. The wallet contained three credit cards and his Social Security card.

The assailants were not done yet, however, as both demanded the man reveal his credit card PIN so they could head to the nearest ATM before he had time to cancel his stolen cards, according to a report.

Police describe the alleged muggers as two men in black clothing — one 5-foot-9 and about 20, while the other was 5-foot-7 and in his 30s.

Thief robs trio

It was brazen enough he robbed a man and two girls in broad daylight, but he did it wearing clothes that were hard to forget.

And that might not be good news for thief wearing a turquoise jacket who convinced two teenagers and a 32-year-old to hand over their phones and bag, all while insinuating he had a gun. It all took place near Broadway and West 242nd Street on April 25 around suppertime.

Police are unsure whether the man actually had a weapon, but his victims weren’t taking any chances.

Two iPhones were snatched from the trio, along with a Nike bag, a book and a basketball.