Throwing riders under the bus


To the editor:

(re: “Merchants give bus bulbs Bronx cheer,” Oct. 11)

Kudos on publishing an article about the bus bulbs at West 242nd Street and Broadway without speaking to a single bus rider.

Instead, you spoke to Louis Porco of Broadway Joe’s Pizza, who had piercing insights such as “It sucks,” and “People can’t even double-park anymore.”

You also spoke to Community Board 8 traffic and transportation chair Dan Padernacht, who you say felt this was a “bad idea from its inception.” That’s rich. Here’s the resolution put forth back in 2017 as CB8 chair:

“Be it resolved that the committee recommends that DOT move the bus stop on the west side of Broadway between Manhattan College Parkway and West 242nd Street from its current spot to a new location further north to alleviate some of the issues at this hub.”

Adding an unnecessary walk to commuters’ bus/subway transfer in order to facilitate double-parking? Now that was a bad idea.

Prior to the bus bulb, riders had to venture past double-parked cars and well into traffic in order to board buses that often stopped nowhere near the designated stop. Had you interviewed any bus riders, you’d no doubt have heard over and over again that the new arrangement is a tremendous improvement. And, as you point out in your article, any lingering problems are mainly due to motorists who selfishly continue to park illegally.

The Riverdale Press performs an essential service to this community by reporting local news. It would be great if, instead of focusing on the gripes of a selfish few, you’d report from the perspective of the thousands of people who commutes have been improved and made safer by this new arrangement. All you’ve done here is throw bus riders under the bus.

Eben Weiss

Eben Weiss