Trail paving is a big plus


To the editor:

(re: “What’s happening at Vannie? So very glad that you asked,” Aug. 22)

I was somewhat perplexed by the recent letter from Eric Seiff about Van Cortlandt Park.

I sincerely hope that The Riverdale Press will actively cover all sorts of news about events in the park and projects in the park. Keeping track of such news is one of the reasons I subscribe.

I see nothing wrong with the paper encouraging members of the community to donate to and volunteer in the park. This is something community papers have always done.

I would hope that many of my neighbors would consider donating to making Van Cortlandt even more beautiful and full of fun activities than it is.

I am sorry that Mr. Seiff is not a fan of the Putnam Trail plan, but it is very unfair to say that the views of the community have been ignored.

There have been many occasions on which people were able to express their views about the plan.

And just as there are community residents who oppose it, there were many community residents — including myself — who spoke out in support of it.

After more than 10 years of talking, it is finally moving forward. Not getting your way is not the same as being ignored.

The coming together of the good folks who have, through the Friends of Van Cortlandt Park and the Van Cortlandt Conservancy, worked so hard for our great park, to create the new Van Cortlandt Park Alliance, makes me optimistic that even better days are ahead for Van Cortlandt Park.

Margaret Groarke


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Margaret Groarke,