Trumpisms aren't here


To the editor:

(re: “Nepotism is dismantling democracy in plain sight,” June 6)

I am a local business owner and resident of the Kingsbridge area. I am writing about the Point of View on nepotism with our local politicians who cater to their own egos, instead of the people.

This really hits home. I always wonder why we always see the same faces in politics year after year.

After reading the recent Point of View about Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz’s plan to use his current office to help his son get the seat currently occupied by Andrew Cohen, I can say I am appalled by this. His son might be a caring and intelligent person, but why should he be allowed to be front and center in his newsletters? Why would we allow what the President of the United States is doing to our own country in our own backyard?

Dinowitz’s budget was earned by taxpayers and put into the hands of government to do right with. I will be voting in all my local elections from this point forward, doing my due diligence on whomever I vote for.

How can one man think he has the power and the right to make his son a councilman, and our community representative?

Jose Lopez

Jose Lopez,