Police Beat

Van is missing an awful lot of meat


A 47-year-old employee of a business cops identified as Movie Kitchens, which they believe may be some sort of catering operation, told police she parked her company’s commercial van in front of 3880 Sedgwick Ave., a little north of the Jerome Park Reservoir in Van Cortlandt Village, around 9 p.m., Jan. 25.

When she returned the following morning around 9:30, she discovered someone may have been feeling a bit peckish, because they’d pilfered nearly 40 miscellaneous cuts of meat from the van — chicken, steak, pork and beef ribs — all valued at around $4,700.

It’s unclear how they managed to get inside the van, police said, but nothing suggested a break-in.


Rim theft left half-finished

Rims and tires seem to be an all too popular commodity among thieves of late, but it seems even they don’t always finish the deed.

A 25-year-old told cops he parked his red 2018 Honda Accord on the westbound side of the 3800 block of Bailey Avenue in Van Cortlandt Village around 10:30 a.m., Jan. 10. But when he returned around 24 hours later, a pair each of tires and rims were missing from the vehicle’s passenger side.

The man claims it’s not the first time he’s fallen victim to an ongoing scourge of rim and tire thefts plaguing Marble Hill, Kingsbridge, Riverdale, and some streets not far from Van Cortlandt Park. Furthermore, there may be security cameras in the area, police said, which could help them track down potential perpetrators.

Cops valued the two Goodyear tires at $338, while the pair of Honda rims is worth around $1,000.


Pedestrian wrapped up and robbed

Police urge pedestrians to always be on the alert as crime can even snake into the quiet streets around Ethical Culture Fieldston School.

A 55-year-old told police she was strolling along the 440 block of West 240th Street, a little north of MacLaughlin Playground, around suppertime Jan. 12. It was there a man crept up, wrapping her in a kind of bear hug, his arms around her chest and throat, demanding she hand over her purse, all before snatching it and hurling her to the ground, according to a report.

The fellow ran off, but not too far, slipping into a building on the 3800 block of Greystone Avenue, police said, adding footage from security cameras at both locations could make finding him easier.

The woman probably wasn’t too terribly hurt because she refused medical attention, according to a report. Along with her purse, her attacker made off with her iPhone 7, credit cards and her driver’s license.

Police are investigating the robbery.