Vandal is caught in the playground


Playgrounds are usually a place for fun and games. But sometimes they can be home to more serious affairs: like an arrest.

That’s exactly what happened at the Marble Hill Playground across West 230th Street on June 16. It was there neighborhood coordination officers from the 50th Precinct found a vandal they’d been searching for, according to a report.

He was arrested and charged with 11 different cases of vandalism that had been caught on camera — much of which had plagued parts of the Broadway business district, according to police. The 5-0’s vandalism team later thanked the Kingsbridge Business Improvement District on social media for its help in catching the alleged spray paint tagger.

Watch out, he has a gun!

Who wears wristwatches anymore? 

Stylish time pieces almost feel pointless in an age of smartphones — and smartwatches — where the time is displayed right on the screen. 

Well, one victim learned the hard way maybe it’s time to move away from primitive wrist technology when a thief tried to steal his watch on May 25.

It occurred near the 2800 block of Sedgwick Avenue around 11 p.m. Someone reportedly came up to them, demanding, “Give me your watch,” before trying to remove it from their wrist. 

Apparently not finding success in forcing the watch off, the attacker instead shot the victim in the left knee and took his bag — fleeing in a black Acura. The victim was unable to supply police with a license plate number. 

The victim was taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening injury, but without the Gucci wallet, state ID card, health insurance card, and Balenciaga fanny pack the robber took off with. 

Police valued the stolen items at $1,800.

Investigators have some leads on this robbery, describing the attacker as a Black man standing 5-foot-5 and weighing 145 pounds. Police say he has a dark skin tone.

These sidewalks are made for walking

While it may seem cool to ride your motorcycle on the sidewalk, pretending you’re in a “Mission: Impossible” movie, it’s probably best to stay on the street.

Unfortunately, one Tom Cruise copycat didn’t get that encrypted transmission on June 17. Cops say they saw him driving his black motorcycle on the sidewalk near the corner of West 230th Street and Heath Avenue around 7 p.m. To make matters worse, police said, there was a 2-year-old in his path.

Police pulled him over and tried issuing a summons, only to ultimately arrest the 23-year-old after he pulled his arms away. It turned out he had an expired license, according to a report.