Vandals hit really close to home


To the editor:

(re: “Bail reform far from perfect,” May 6)

As could be expected, after an A1 lead story reporting the police capture of the “shul vandal” who had attacked four Riverdale synagogues and was initially held on bail by a criminal court judge, The Riverdale Press on its editorial page hailed the release of the vandal by another judge in the same court.

Lauding the release with no assurance of his appearance for sentencing at a later date may be the law, and was in keeping with the newspaper’s consistently liberal view of the world in which we live.

Would it have responded so liberally had religious institutions of any other denomination been so desecrated? Would it have responded so liberally had the newspaper’s own offices been vandalized?

It’s just a question of whose ox is being gored, as long as it’s not a Riverdale Press editorial position.

Avrum Hyman

EDITOR’S NOTE: The man arrested and charged with the synagogue vandalism was released pending trial, not sentencing. The man has not yet been adjudicated, and due process gives him the right of innocence until proven guilty.

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Avrum Hyman,