Vote not close


To the editor:

(re: “Something’s rotten in Riverdale,” April 26)

As president of the Riverdale Gardens Tenants Association, I am writing to correct several false and confusing statements made in The Riverdale Press recently regarding Community Board 8’s position on the Netherland Avenue issue.

More than 150 concerned residents of Riverdale Gardens and Riverdale Park attended the traffic and transportation committee meeting on Feb. 15. Along with many others, for myriad reasons, we spoke out against removing the long-standing wall between our two developments. 

After listening carefully, the traffic and transportation committee’s resolution opposed removal of the wall.

The resolution was voted on by the full Community Board 8 on March 13. I was there, and the vote in favor was 20, opposed two, and one abstention (not a narrow vote). You can check the minutes online.

I wish to thank each and every member of Community Board 8 for their intelligent, spirited debates and staunch support of our community. These volunteer members work long and hard to solve our problems, and make our district a better place in which to live.

Barbara Connolly

Barbara Connolly