We can think for ourselves


To the editor:

Most people are so easily led and to believe, and can therefore be brainwashed or led to believe all the information they are fed on a daily basis.

Dictators like Adolf Hitler knew this along with President Trump, and they capitalized on it.

Does anyone pay attention to the radio and television news, especially their commercials? Does anyone notice how often, for the past year, we are told to wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep six feet away from others? You’ve also been informed that any person that does not want to don a mask is selfish and does not care about others.

Has anyone else noticed how constantly we are bombarded with reminders and text messages to get vaccinated?

It should be your right to make that decision. It seems many of our rights are being curtailed, and eventually, if you don’t comply, you will most likely be discriminated against. There will be no lawyer who can defend you because you’ve lost your freedom and your right to think for yourself.

Communist countries have used this tactic for years, called propaganda. They tell you what is best for you and your country, and it seems America is becoming the same.

We are constantly told about deaths related to COVID-19, but how many times are we reminded of the 40 million people who have lost their jobs, their family businesses, and livelihoods? Why aren’t people protesting about that? Because the longer we stay silent and turn a blind eye, the dog leash around our necks is getting shorter and shorter.

Andrea Tekirian

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Andrea Tekirian,