We deserve peace on Bailey Ave.


To the editor:

The area between Bailey Avenue and Broadway at West 234th Street is very congested on days during the week with driving school students and their cars.

It is an overpass, and the areas should be quiet. The cars and students create unnecessary congestion, lined up along the sidewalk, and with the cars all parked on the overpass.

This goes on from early morning, and most of the day. I have passed these cars and students on my way to the store, and what I get is that they are annoyed with me, just going to do my shopping in what should be a residential area.

This started 40 years ago, and it has gotten worse with the congestion, not to mention a hazard at the West 234th and Bailey traffic light.

This should all be done on a large lot, and not on an overpass close to supermarkets and stores. They know that they should not be there on the overpass with their driving school, giving driving tests in that area. I have gotten several annoyed looks from them as I have been going to the supermarket and returning home. They try to be orderly, but they really should not be there with their business, their students, and their annoyed looks.

I know I am not the only Bailey Avenue resident who has experienced this. I should be able to do my shopping trip in peace. They simply do not belong there.

It really is no place to do business with a driving school, and has not been for more than 40 years.

It’s a business, and residents come before a business that creates such a hazard, not to mention the congestion and unpleasant attitudes. They belong on a lot.

They act like they own the sidewalk, and they do not. The parking spaces too.

They’re a nuisance.

Joan Ginard

Joan Ginard,