We need all the help we can get


To the editor:

I am saddened. I am deeply saddened, because:

• What was once a great country has been reduced to the ashes of petty infighting.

• What should be bringing us together is instead exploited for political and personal gain — or, at least, they who exploit would believe it is, and no one is listening to those shouting against this.

• What should be a time for great national leadership is completely devoid of it.

• What we should be backing without question, that is those who tirelessly labor to protect us, serve us and save us are tirelessly condemned, mistreated, even endangered instead.

• What should be a fringe group of extremist lunatics has taken over the public discourse, and shut down the gifted intelligence of so many.

• What should be a time of national introspection has turned into exploitation instead.

• What should be a time for robust free speech instead has turned into cowardly and sheepish fear denying the public the right to know, and instead allowing fairy tale lies to substitute. Where are you, American media?

• What should be protecting us — our U.S. Constitution and its form of government — is trashed like so many fast food wrappers flapping in the breeze.

Where are you, America? When are you coming back? In fact, are you coming back? Stronger than ever? Or never?

It’s up to us, this November, to make that choice. The clear one. If we’re not impeded in our efforts to exercise our Constitutional right to vote, I shudder. And shudder again.

God help us. We need all the help we can get.

Adam Stoler

Adam Stoler,