We need to call special session


To the editor:

Earlier this year, instead of passing legislation to create fair elections in New York, the legislature handed the task to a commission that was more focused on attacking Gov. Cuomo’s political opponents and preserving incumbency than implementing reform.

The commission has now issued its recommendations, and it’s clear from the sky-high contribution limits that big money will continue to control Albany, and ordinary citizens will not have their voices heard.

But you have an opportunity to make a difference. Tell your elected officials to pass legislation to fix the commission’s recommendations before they go into effect in late December so that our state can have the best small-donor public matching funds program in the country.

Specifically, we need lower contribution limits, enforcement by an independent agency, the removal of provisions that change party ballot status, and a launch o the program in 2022.

Please tell Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and state Sens. Alessandra Biaggi and Gustavo Rivera to support a special session of the legislature that will ensue fair elections enabled by small contributions from everyday New Yorkers.

Sue Dodell

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Sue Dodell,