We stand together


To the editor:

When I visited Israel in 1980, I met someone truly memorable. The current film about Entebbe reminded me of her.

She was in Israel as an honored guest of the nation when I met her. Her name was Suzanne Dujon. 

I assume she is now dead, because she was about 65 then. 

She achieved her honored status by her conduct as a non-Jewish, French passenger on the airliner that was hijacked to Entebbe, Uganda. At one point, Idi Amin’s forces told the non-Jewish passengers they were free to go. She declined that offer, telling her captors that she chose to stay with her Jewish friends.

On meeting her, she told me she had wished to atone for the conduct of her father, who had collaborated with the German army during its occupation of France during World War II.

Alan Saks

Alan Saks