What has this world come to?


To the editor:

I just finished watching the evening news, and couldn’t believe my ears. The 29-year-old who vandalized synagogues in the Riverdale area for 11 days and had finally been caught has been released. And, thanks to the bail reform law, the bail imposed by an intelligent judge was overruled.

I very much fear we are headed down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland. Nothing makes sense any more. We have definitely gone too far in one direction when an obvious criminal, guilty of a hate crime and numerous other acts of vandalism — and positively identified — is released without bail.

Whoever thought up this law, how did they get it passed? And who deemed it to be a good one? Do the police now have to guard the Riverdale synagogues indefinitely waiting for this criminal to strike again?

And make no mistake, he is a criminal.

It is time to recognize that some of the well-meaning laws that have been passed make no sense and must be changed. Quickly.

Barbara Ferber

EDITOR’S NOTE: The man charged in the string of vandalism has not been convicted, and is guaranteed due process in the court system.

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Barbara Ferber,