Where are our patriots?


To the editor:

My father was a Pearl Harbor survivor, so I find it sad to see our athletes taking a knee during our national anthem.

Have all our men who lost limbs and lives for our freedoms been forgotten? The United States is a place we call home. Thousands have risked their lives just to reach our shores.

When the Bronx police officer, a mother of three children, was assassinated in July, where was Al Sharpton or Colin Kaepernick, and their supporters? Why do they not denounce crimes against our officers? 

None of us knows what it is like to put your life on the line each day you put on a uniform.

After the heartbreaking deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, President Obama spoke out against the violence that took place, but stressed that we can work together peacefully and achieve unity. This will not be accomplished by disrespecting the sacrifice of our military, and men and women in blue.

Saluting our flag is a way of honoring them.

Andrea Tekirian

Andrea Tekirian