Where was the probe?


To the editor:

In January, when the story broke about the accusation by a former staffer that Sen. Jeffrey Klein had sexually assaulted her, he claimed that the matter was under investigation by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

Klein’s allies — Gov. Cuomo and Christine Quinn — called for an “independent” investigation. I am unaware of any investigatory conclusion.

Why haven’t Klein, Cuomo or Quinn made any subsequent comments about the progress of the alleged “investigation”? Why hasn’t Klein submitted to a polygraph (lie detector) analysis? Why did the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club vote to endorse Klein for re-election before exculpation by an investigation or even by a polygrapher?

Answer: The votes of that club are in total control of the many employees of the local politicians who have taken it over lock, stock and barrel.

Alan Saks

Alan Saks,