Who did Lora back?


To the editor:

City council candidate Mino Lora has been attacking Eric Dinowitz for his past support of former senator Jeff Klein and the Independent Democratic Conference, pointing out that the IDC held up progressive legislation in our state for many years by aligning with senate Republicans.

It is 100 percent true that Eric supported the IDC, but it’s shocking that Ms. Lora would make this a campaign issue. While Alessandra Biaggi was challenging Jeff Klein in 2018 here in the Bronx, Ms. Lora was out campaigning for former IDC senator Marisol Alcantara of northern Manhattan, where Ms. Lora used to live.

Ms. Lora appeared at events with that IDC senator, supported her on Twitter, and donated to her campaign.

Sens. Klein and Alcantara both lost in 2018, but if Ms. Lora had her way, that never would have happened.

With Ms. Lora’s extensive political connections, you would think that someone would have told her not to bring up the IDC issue. But now that she has, she should have to answer for her past actions.

Ricardo Martinez

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Ricardo Martinez,