Will he ever leave?


To the editor:

There was an editorial cartoon in The Riverdale Press on Aug. 1, which is right on the money. In it, Trump is being spanked by Uncle Sam with the Mueller Report. When told he will be punished once he leaves, he says he’s never leaving office.

I anticipate that when a Democrat wins the presidential election next year, Trump will say it was a fraud and his friends on the Supreme Court may call for a recount. There will be a constitutional crisis, and Trump will hold on for as long as he can — even for another four years — while the Democrats wring their hands.

Given his love for dictators and dictatorships, and no matter what crime he commits he gets away with (Teflon Don), he may every well try to thumb his nose at the Constitution.

Be prepared.

Pauline Binder


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Pauline Binder,