Winning isn't everything when talking impeachment


In 1973, there was a popular movie called “The Paper Chase” having to do with the education of a group of students at Harvard Law School.

Actor John Houseman played the part of the dreaded contracts law professor Charles Kingsfeld, and through these many years, one comment made by him to his students has remained embedded in my mind. That memorable line was that his job was to make them “think like a lawyer.”

Over these 46 years, I have come to realize that the expression “think like a lawyer” actually means “do and say whatever the hell you think you can get away with.” And that, dear readers, is why we have a country infested with “whiplash Willies,” shysters, ambulance chasers, and a segment of extortionist civil trial lawyers who make a lucrative living by indulging in “nuisance” lawsuits in which the defendant settles — not because the suit has any merit, but because settling is much cheaper than hiring an attorney to mount a defense.

But even much worse than these categories of slimy, low-life attorneys are those lawyers who are elected members of Congress serving either as a representative or as a senator. The Constitution of the United States gives these people immunity from being sued for anything they say in the Halls of Congress, or in going to and from their respective chambers.

And that is why Harry Reid, the former Democratic Majority Leader of the Senate, was able during the 2012 presidential campaign to constantly falsely accuse the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, of not having paid his income taxes for the previous 10 years. When this scumbag was asked why he had lied about Mr. Romney, Harry Reid replied, “He lost, didn’t he?”

Democratic congressman and Harvard Law School graduate Adam Schiff, now heading the impeachment inquiry of President Trump, is the most prominent present-day successor to the Joe McCarthy-like tactics used by Harry Reid. He, too, is a scumbag.

Incidentally, for those snowflakes who in this day and age are easily offended, the word “scumbag” (just like the word “racist”) is a perfectly legitimate word that appears in newspapers and magazines, and is heard on radio and television. Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters even used it to describe the members of President Trump’s cabinet — and that word got a big play in the media, and overwhelming approval and laughter from the president’s foes.

Unfortunately for this country, there are many Democratic lawyer/politicians who qualify for this pejorative description.

As I stated previously, to “think like a lawyer” means “to do and say whatever the hell you think you can get away with.” To which, upon further reflection, I will now add, “forget morality, to hell with right or wrong, the end justifies the means — and above all — winning is everything.”

And that is why, since the completely unexpected election of President Donald Trump, the crazed, rabid, Trump-hating Democratic members of the judiciary committees of the House and Senate have done away with all semblances of due process, the presumption of innocence, the exclusion of hearsay testimony, the right to cross-examine witnesses, or to introduce your own witnesses, etc.

These are the basic tenets of our legal system. By trampling upon them, these bums have lost the right to be practicing lawyers. They should be disbarred.

The truth of what I have said is self-evident. These Democratic lawyer/politicians — some of whom were attorneys general of their respective states and are running to be the Democratic candidate for president — have obviously lost all contact with the rule of law.

But were the hell are the supposedly non-partisan bar associations? Why haven’t these groups whose members are so-called “pillars of the community” opened their mouths? Are they afraid?

I used to have great respect for the legal profession, but not anymore. Now I have only contempt.

What is happening to my beloved country? Is winning (no matter how it’s achieved) really everything? If so, then God help this nation!

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Alvin Gordon,