Without wheels, Accords can’t roll


Honda rims remain a hot grab for crooks.

A 40-year-old employee of Macombs Transportation Corp., told cops he parked the company’s black 2018 Honda Accord in the vicinity of the Mosholu Parkway extension at West Gun Hill Road around 10 p.m., March 30.

But when he returned the following afternoon around 1, all four tires and rims were missing.

Cops valued the stolen tires and Honda rims at around $1,400, and they’re investigating the grand larceny.


Robbery fails, teens nabbed

Some otherwise relatively quiet streets can turn a bit shady Saturday nights.

A 20-year-old told police she was strolling along the 3600 block of Fieldston Road around 10:20 p.m., March 23, when two guys confronted her. One of them, allegedly wielding a blade in his left hand, attempted to snatch her cell phone. But the young woman apparently had a companion looking out for her, who police say shoved one of her attackers, sending the pair scrambling off to parts unknown.

They reportedly didn’t travel terribly far, however, before cops collared the alleged crooks — two boys, 15 and 17, charging them with robbery.


Burglar bangs in, cash disappears

Keeping quiet isn’t every criminal’s forte. To the contrary, some cause quite a racket — yet still manage to pull it off.

A 60-year-old told police a feisty intruder slipped in through his apartment’s front door — damaging it in the process — on the 3800 block of Hudson Manor Terrace probably sometime around midnight March 23, according to a report. And once inside, they snatched $650 cash.

Cops scoured the area but reportedly couldn’t pin down a perp, although cameras in the building’s lobby could help flesh out details.

Police believe the victim probably wasn’t home at the time of the crime, which he didn’t report until 7 that morning. But apparently witnesses — presumably neighbors — heard what they described as loud banging and called cops around the time they suspect the heist happened.


Broken glass, Murano missing

Another window cracked, another car gone. Yet who’s to blame remains a mystery — for the moment.

A 54-year-old told police he parked his black 2015 Nissan Murano at the southeast corner of Kappock Street and Johnson Avenue in Spuyten Duyvil around lunchtime March 31. But it sure wasn’t there when he returned the following morning around 8, shards of shattered glass were scattered in the vehicle’s stead.

Meanwhile, lack of security cameras at the location makes zeroing in on any SUV window busters a bit tricky.

Cops are keeping their eyes peeled for the Nissan — valued at $9,000 — but otherwise, case closed.