Woman stabbed in robbery gone wrong


A woman refusing to give up her property to a would-be thief found herself rushed to the hospital.

She was walking along the 3200 block of Kingsbridge Avenue in the early morning hours of Oct. 11, police said, when she heard someone walk up behind her, demanding she give him everything she had in her pockets.

The woman resisted and the two fought. The thief reportedly pulled a knife and stabbed her twice — once in the lower back and once in the side, toward her ribs, before running away.

Luckily, someone called 911, and the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital, police said. There were no cameras on the scene, but police are looking for a man described as white or Hispanic, about 5-foot-7 and 140 pounds, with brown hair tied into a bun.

Making sure rent check gets there

When one woman dropped a check in the mailbox across from 555 Kappock St., she had every reason to think it would get to its intended destination. But it didn’t.

At some point after dropping her check in the mailbox Sept. 21, someone pulled and altered it, police said, changing the amount from $49 to a whopping $9,200. 

Even worse, by the time she checked her account, the check had been cashed into a stranger’s bank account.

Planning a theft

One moment it was there, the next it was gone. Or at least that’s what it seemed like for one man who went looking for his bike one early morning.

His wheels had been in the storage room of his Johnson Avenue home, but when he was ready for a ride Oct. 2, police say it vanished. The scorned cyclist checked his security cameras and saw a man walk around the house with tools in hand at around 2 a.m., use them to open the locked door to the storage room, and take stock of what was inside. 

He left without taking anything, police said, but returned a few hours later, hauled out a Raleigh men’s bicycle, worth about $600.

While the camera captured the entire theft, police say it wasn’t much help in identifying the thief — they could only make out a yellow sweater and multicolored sneakers in the footage. 

Alternate-side stealing

Have a favorite parking spot? Many do, and with car ownership in this part of the Bronx higher than other neighborhoods in the city — and garage spaces not getting any more plentiful — that spot may very well be on the street.

That was the case for one woman used to parking her 2020 Honda CR-V on the 3700 block of Hudson Manor Terrace every night. But in the wee hours of Oct. 2, she returned to her parking spot to find the car gone, with no signs of who had taken it.

The woman told police she didn’t know who might have taken the car, and a canvass of the area didn’t turn up any clues. Still, the detective squad continues to investigate.