Work bullies are problem


To the editor:

I hope that you and your readers will take an interest in a social problem that does not receive enough attention. That social problem is workplace bullying.

A good definition of workplace bullying is that it is repeated mistreatment of one or more workers (the “targets” and victims) by one or more perpetrators.

It is abusive conduct that is threatening, humiliating, intimidating, demeaning and/or verbally abusive.

Research indicates that between 20 and 40 percent of Americans have been bullied at work. Research also finds that 45 percent of targets/victims suffer stress-related health problems.

In addition, research is split between studies that find that 60 percent of workplace bullies are men, and studies that find that 60 percent of workplace bullies are women.

Research also has found that 70 percent of all women who are bullied at work are bullied by women.

My own take and theory about what is going on here is what you might call the abuse and misuse of having power and control over others with an element/component of psychological and emotional sadism to it.

Stewart Epstein


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Stewart Epstein,