Wrong place, wrong time for car owner


An unlucky Honda owner found himself in a bad spot Monday, Dec. 23, not far from the 3100 block of Arlington Avenue.

It was there, sometime between 2 and 3 a.m., someone jacked up the car, helping themselves to both sets of tires and rims.

As an added bonus, they also broke the passenger side window of the 2018 sedan, although police said nothing was stolen from inside.

The damage and value of the stolen tires was around $1,800, according to police.

Need tools, will travel

The next person needing to do a little maintenance at the Riverdale Yacht Club might find himself out of luck.

Someone found their way onto the West 245th Street property Dec. 23, finding the door to the boathouse unlocked, according to the police, and making their way to just the right toolbox. The thief pilfered $500 worth of tools from the building, and slipped away unnoticed.

There was a security camera in the boathouse, police said, but it was unclear whether it was working at the time.

Check fraud goes one step further

A Tyndall Avenue resident told police just after Christmas someone opened a checking account in his name sometime since Nov. 23.

It was unclear if the illicit Wells Fargo account was used to make any purchases, police said, although it was operating right in the swing of the gift-buying season.

The account’s namesake closed it, police added, and investigators are now working to find whoever got all this going in the first place.

Dirty hands, dirty hair

The Rite Aid at 5825 Broadway found itself perhaps the unlikely victim of a robbery on the morning of Sunday, Dec. 29, when a 22-year-old man reportedly walked into the store and attempted to steal a bottle of Head & Shoulders shampoo, a bottle of Dove shampoo, and a gallon of milk — all worth about $30.

The real trouble started when the man reportedly told everyone around him, “Don’t touch me, I have a needle.”

The man was arrested and charged with robbery.