Yeezys, red bottoms stolen from woman


A Riverdale woman went on vacation for two weeks on May 17, returning June 2 to find her apartment burglarized on the 200 block of West 254th Street.

Thieves stole 20 pairs of shoes, police said, including pairs of Kanye West’s signature Yeezy sneakers and Christian Louboutin’s red-bottomed stilettos — a favorite of Bronx born rapper Cardi B.

The shoes were valued at $3,000, but burglars took $7,600 total, according to a report. Their haul included two Playstation game consoles, four liquor bottles, 15 bottles of perfume and two necklaces. The necklaces alone were valued by police at $2,500.

There was no apparent damage to her front door, which had been left ajar, or the window that was opened.  No cameras were available either.

Gym thief’s locker room haul

A 26-year-old woman finished a recent workout to find she lost some of her belongings.

The woman worked out at Blink Fitness at 5520 Broadway at mid-morning June 2, keeping her personal items in a locker, secured with a combo lock. By the time her hour-long workout was over, the lock was gone along with her credit card, state ID, insurance card, and $150 in cash, police said.

There are cameras in the gym, but none in the locker room. Locker room cameras are legal in some states for security purposes, but not in New York.

Car left on blocks

A woman’s 2018 Honda CR-V was a target of ongoing wheel and rim thefts for the popular mid-range utility vehicle, finding her car partially on cinderblocks during the early morning hours of June 6.

The woman parked her SUV on the 500 block of West 231st Street the night before, according to police. She returned at 7:30 a.m., to find her right side rims and tires — which police valued at at $1,300 — missing.

Police are investigating.