Yes to Haller, no to nepotism, party machine


To the editor:

As the former councilman from the 11th Council District, I am committed to assuring the district is represented by a capable, independent representative who will bring new ideas and fresh energy to our community.

That leader is Jessica Haller, who is by far the best candidate in the race. I have endorsed her, and my wife Lorraine Coyle Koppell and I have made the maximum allowable contribution to her campaign.

Jessica may be new to politics, but she has ample experience in business and public advocacy, having trained as an environmentalist with Al Gore, and having worked closely with him on climate change initiatives.

As a wife and mother of four, she well understands the needs of the families in the district, and believes passionately that the city must provide public services equitably to all district communities.

She has a fierce commitment to ensuring that our children gain a quality education in the public schools, and in the private and religious institutions that serve them.

Also important is her political independence: She stands against the party organization that has made deals with Republicans and operates as a boss-controlled organization.

Jessica’s main opponent is Eric Dinowitz, son of Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, who unfortunately has betrayed the political reform principles that he formerly supported. Eric, as district leader, is no more than his father’s spokesman and puppet.

Do we really want nepotism and dynastic politics in the district? We are not North Korea, where authority passes from father to son.

Do we really want one family to speak for us both in Albany and City Hall? Eric, unfortunately, has no independent accomplishments.

I cannot forget that as Democratic district leader, Eric Dinowitz supported state Sen. Jeffrey Klein, the leader of the Independent Democratic Conference, which kept Republicans in power in the state senate. Klein aggrandized his own power and thwarted progressive legislation until he was defeated by Alessandra Biaggi.

The anti-IDC organization, No IDC NY, that supported Biaggi supports Jessica. She also enjoys support from such important local groups as Citizens for Change, the League of Conservation Voters, Bronx Climate Justice North, and others.

I know that we can count on Jessica to be an independent councilwoman who will reflect the needs of our communities.

I will be proud to have her represent the communities I served for 35 years.

G. Oliver Koppell

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G. Oliver Koppell,