You can't deny the party machine


To the editor:

(re: “Stop attacking the party ‘machine,’ April 1)

Ms. Helen Meltzer-Krim might as well be a spokeswoman for the local Democratic Party organization, if she isn’t already.

Here are a few salient facts, Ms. Krim, which have made many Riverdale residents sour on the Benjamin Franklin Good Ol’ Boys Network.

Ask after the list of financial contributors to the campaigns mentioned in your letter. Jeffrey Klein, for example, was notorious in how much money he took from real estate interests. As he is supposed to represent constituents, it begs the question: What constituents?

As for Eric Dinowitz, he has racked up far more contributions from real estate interests than any other source.

Are you one of those interests, Ms. Krim? How about, in the name of transparency, you identify yourself? To answer your question, I am a local gadfly with no political affiliations except being a registered Democrat.

As far as the “independent” Democrats — i.e., self-interested politicians looking to obtain and maintain centers of personal political power. Therefore aligning themselves with Republicans went against the interests of their constituents. That’s why they went down to defeat — their selfishness front and center.

Remember constituents? That’s we the voters. It might benefit you in your next missive to identify the source of your information.

For now, let’s let our community know that the Benjamin Franklin “Reform” Democratic Club actually was a battler against people, who like themselves, morphed into seekers of personal political power, veering far from their original goal of reforming machine politics.

They have become the machine.

The fact that Mr. Dinowitz has name recognition plays no small part in this launch. It is up to members of the community to make sure that his career is aborted ASAP.

Vote, folks. Get out and vote. The Dinowitz/Ben Franklin machine is not assured victory unless we voters let it happen. It’s time to end the backroom deals, the self-serving sense of entitlement, the nepotism which we last saw — and still see — in the former guy and his family of grifters.

Four long years of it is enough. We don’t need that here in Riverdale.

Adam Stoler

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Adam Stoler,