You don’t have to break in for dinner


It was the middle of the night on July 27 when things went sideways at Louie’s Dale Diner on West 231st Street, police said.

Around 2 a.m., someone pried open the front door of the eatery with a crowbar, then used it to break open the register and steal $500 in cash.

While they were inside the restaurant, the burglar also apparently helped himself to a tablet computer worth about $200 before fleeing out of the broken front door.


Keeping a vehicle stocked

Usually, there’s not much to see when you check out your home security camera footage. That was different for residents of the 500 block of West 235th Street when they watched back their footage from July 25.

In it, they captured someone strolling down the street came upon a 2010 Honda sedan with the passenger-side window left rolled down and seized the opportunity to see what was inside. They took $285 in cash, two credit cards and a debit card, and a change pouch.

It didn’t stop there. The thieves also took a sobriety coin, insulin pumps, a gym bag, a set of house keys, and a Social Security card.

The stolen goods were worth just about $600.

Cops are on the lookout for a white man who stands about 6-foot-3 with short hair.


Why not stay and play a round?

Golf courses might be open again in New York State, but taking a spin on the course isn’t quite enough for some.

One employee at Van Cortlandt Park’s golf course found that out the hard way on the morning of Aug. 1. Police said he closed up the previous evening, returning at 5:30 a.m., to find the gate where the golf carts are kept open.

Four carts had been stolen, police said, each worth $14,000. Two were found later, though they had sustained about $300 in damage. The search for the other two carts is still on.

There was no surveillance footage of the theft, but officers are still on the hunt for the missing vehicles.