You erred yet again


To the editor:

(re: “To err is human, but facts, fairness are our real priority,” “Clinton alum Stan Lee earns spot in old hallways,” Jan. 3)

How ironic that in the same issue that the editor of this newspaper writes a close-to 2,000-word Point of View column excusing grammatical mistakes in his newspaper by asserting that “to err is human,” a front-page article in the same issue intended to extol the educational values of DeWitt Clinton High School by citing the accomplishments of one of its graduates, Stan Lee — who went on to create many comic book characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk — quotes the reaction of a current-day student at the school as saying she “didn’t know that he had went to the school.”

To err may be human, but to allow such a grammatical error to make it into print by the reporter, the copy editor and the newspaper editor is indefensible.

Avrum Hyman

EDITOR’S NOTE: The “current-day student” was actually quoted in the story saying, “At first I didn’t know that he had went to the school. It just opened my eyes up. People that went to this school went on to do great things.”

Also, just to note, the Point of View column in question that championed facts and fairness over occasional minor grammatical errors was less than 940 words.

Avrum Hyman,