You haven't changed my mind


To the editor:

(re: “Message is simply anti-racist,” July 16)

There is an old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” — a variation of which would be, “Don’t judge a person’s intelligence by his prestigious job title.” I give you as today’s example Mr. Norman Wechsler, who (as your paper noted) “is a former principal at DeWitt Clinton High School and a former superintendent for Bronx high schools with the city’s education department.”

On July 2, The Riverdale Press published my Point of View, “It happened in Germany, it can happen here, too,” which dealt negatively with the Black Lives Matter movement. On July 16, the paper published Mr. Wechsler’s virulent response, in which he described my letter as a “mash-up of untruths, distortions and exaggerations,” and attacked me personally as a “racist spreading poison.”

This is the usual response of these intellectually deficient leftist fools who have no adequate responses to the truth. Before I go further, for the editor Michael Hinman, I would suggest these two letters placed side-by-side would be a perfect “point, counterpoint” presentation.

In my letter, I made two basic points that Mr. Wechsler vehemently took issue with: That to the Black Lives Matter organization, “only Black lives matter,” and “only certain Black lives matter” specifically only those of the relatively few unarmed Black people (over a period of many years) killed by white police.

Regarding the first point, Mr. Wechsler made a big deal out of the fact that Black Lives Matter supporters never specifically uttered the statement “only Black lives matter.” To this point, he is absolutely correct.

But they didn’t have to.

Their “actions spoke louder than words,” as illustrated by the indisputable fact that many innocent people (who believed in freedom of speech) and who spoke the “verboten” phrase “all lives matter” were hounded and persecuted by these fascist Black Lives Matter supporters, who forced their fearful employers to fire them.

Black Lives Matter certainly seems to think it has a monopoly on whose lives matter based on skin color. That is racism! Is that too hard for you to understand, Mr. Wechsler?

I suggest Mr. Wechsler stick to writing letters about innocuous subjects such as “puny Christmas trees” or “the difference between the words ‘principle’ and ‘principal.’” Mr. Wechsler embarrasses himself with his rambling, irrational critique of my letter.

Alvin Gordon

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Alvin Gordon,