What the doctor ordered

Montefiore Medical Center will offer wide range of services


It will take 11 stories, but Montefiore says a 93,000-square-foot medical complex slated for Riverdale Avenue near West 238th Street will streamline healthcare for thousands who travel far for appointments and treatment.

Andrew Racine, chief medical officer at Montefiore Medical Center, said the hospital intends to lease enough space to provide primary and urgent care, complete radiology services and dozens of specialty offices, from cardiology to orthopedics.

“When we think about the needs of the borough, which is our hometown, we scour around to see areas that we think are relatively underserved and that we think we can be helpful in,” Dr. Racine said. “Riverdale was one of those (areas) that we have been thinking about for some time.”

Simone Healthcare Development Group purchased four lots through an LLC – 3644 Oxford Ave., as well as 3733, 3735 and 3741 Riverdale Ave., over the spring and summer. 

Simone’s building plans do not encompass 3733 Riverdale Ave., where Greek Express is located. The restaurant owner said he plans to continue serving gyros and souvlaki for years to come.

Simone said it purchased 3733 Riverdale Ave. because it simplified transactions for sellers and allowed the company to accumulate enough air rights to offer more parking. 

The developer would not disclose the total cost of the project or discuss air rights in detail.

Property records filed with the city show it has spent more than $6 million on the four lots and taken out approximately $4.86 million in mortgages. 

The company aims to begin approximately 18 months of construction on Friday, Nov. 1. 

Come spring 2015, Montefiore plans to lease the building and collaborate with WESTMED Practice Partners, which specializes in managing ambulatory care facilities, to run the complex.


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