White whimsy wafting beyond


White whimsy wafting beyond     

  my window 

Evergreens adorned so 


Just enough to slow the pace

And offer a cloud cover on the



Here I sit, sipping piping tea

A spectator to it all

Thanking Our Creator for this


To observe

To reflect


The only sound heard 

In my small studio 

Is the hissing of welcome 


Another blessing on this winter 



During my travels, I gazed 

  upon a woman with a cart

Its contents seemed to be

  years of belongings...

Old sneakers, empty 

  Cheese Wiz jar, magazines

And I thought of how different

  our lives are


And I thought of how similar 

  they could be...


Are we not all one step from 

   the homeless?

Carrying our life in designer 

   bags and mini vans?


Reason to pause on this silent,

   snowy day

   in thanksgiving for the 

   reality - a reality that could 

   be oh,




— Margaret M R Killeen has lived in Riverdale for more than 40 years.


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