Cops arrest teen in vandalism case


With the help of surveillance cameras and other investigative tools as their disposal, police have made an arrest in connection to a case of what they’re describing as hate vandalism in Fieldston. 

Jared Lewis, 16, was picked up Sept. 13 after the New York Police Department’s hate crimes task force combed through hours of surveillance footage near the vandalized home. 

Lewis and two other boys had been out drinking on Sept. 8, 50th Precinct deputy inspector Terence O’Toole said, when Lewis decided to damage the door. 

“The two people that were with him were there, but they didn’t participate,” O’Toole said. “They actually ended up being witnesses against him.”

The vandalism apparently was not intended to target any particular house or family, O’Toole added, but the teen could still be tried as an adult for a hate crime.

“This was a Riverdale resident — maybe he wasn’t a Fieldston resident, but he lived in the area,” O’Toole said. “And it wasn’t on the south side of the precinct, either.”

Finding the alleged vandal wasn’t all that hard, O’Toole said, given the heavy attention that helped produce anonymous tips when it came to the vandalism. The investigation took a turn toward being solved after a poster showing the alleged suspects was circulated around the community. 

“We got a lot of Crime Stoppers calls on this,” O’Toole said. “I mean, it took us four days, 96 hours. That’s not bad at all.”

Any charges will be up to the state attorney’s office. Even then, under the law, Lewis is presumed innocent until a jury finds otherwise. 


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Last week I predicted that the vandal was probably a dumb kid, and probably a member of the same religious group they sprayed greffiti against. I called it a probable hoax and warned people to not worry about an influx of so-called "neo-nazis."

My assertion was ridiculed by a particular person who often comments here.

Well, looks like I was at least half-right, and "Jared Lewis" sounds like a very Jewish name to me, but I could be wrong about this. Wikipedia has Lewis as a potential Jewish surname and Jared is definitely a name I encountered a lot at Hebrew school and Bar Mitzvahs when I was a kid. So anyhow, most likely I was 100% spot on in my first analysis.

Friday, September 22

For the record, here's what I wrote last week:

"Oftentimes when these things happen it ends up that the perp is a member of the same community. I've read several stories of Hasids in Brooklyn painting swastikas on their own homes for whatever warped reason. And you can't forget the fake "noose" incidents at several colleges where it was found that African-Americans themselves did it. So I wouldn't get too worries about this being a harbinger of a Neo-Nazi influz anytime soon. Chances are some kid did this to stir up a little storm. "

And here's what a person calling themselves John Nimby wrote back.

"The only thing more outrageous than this attack on all Riverdalites of all faiths and backgrounds is the baseless knee-jerk accusation that it must have been a false flag operation. I hope the Five-Oh catches these hateful creeps and throws the book at them."

Baseless knee jerk reaction eh? No, it's called knowing a little history and a whole lot of reality. Most of these "hate graffiti" incidents are fake, or at least perpetrated by the same community as the one targeted. It's some warped psychology for sure, but I'm sure if you ask cops they know this happens all the time.

Friday, September 22