Jeff Klein is a Democrat


To the editor:

(re: “Activists take aim at Klein’s IDC,” Nov. 16)

I have been a Democrat all my life, and I am 83 years old, and I always vote down-the-line Democratic.

In the last election to New York Senate, I proudly voted for Sen. Jeff Klein, and I will vote for him again next year.

I think the only reason Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins is upset with Sen. Klein is that she is not Speaker. In my opinion, she had no right to come into the 34th District and hold any type of hearing. Let her take care of her district, the 35th. Sen. Klein’s district is the 34th. 

It is true that the Independent Democratic Conference has worked with Sen. John Flanagan. How else would we get many progressive pieces of legislation together without a compromise? Sen. Klein works well with other elected officials in his district.

A friend of mine recently got a piece of mail from Buffalo telling her Jeff Klein is not a Democrat. My friend asked me about this, and I had to explain it to her. I for one am tired of these malcontent folks complaining about Jeff Klein.

Please let Sen. Klein do his job, and it is a very good job that he does.

Sylvia Lask

Sylvia Lask