Let me tell you all about 'Crooked Hillary'


(re: “Our elections, all by the numbers,” Feb. 1)

In his letter, Paul Birnbaum made the following statement: “I could not vote for Mrs. Clinton because of my perception of her lack of honesty.”

And that, my friends, is exactly the reason why I, and probably many millions of other voters, voted for Donald Trump. I could not in good conscience vote for a career crook like Hillary Clinton.

In my own letter from June 2016, I laid out a history of Clinton corruption extending from the time Bill Clinton became attorney general in 1977 and then governor of Arkansas, to the recent presidential election — a period of about 39 years.

It started in 1979 when Hillary magically turned a $1,000 “investment” in cattle futures into $100,000 in the space of only one year — and then surprisingly quit cold, never to “invest” again. Many people considered this a one-time payoff from Tyson Foods.

It continued with the Whitewater land deal scandal involving the Rose Law Firm (in which Hillary was a partner), and the criminal involvement of the Guaranty Savings and Loan Association.

Billing records of the Rose Law Firm that would have exposed Hillary’s involvement in the fraud had been subpoenaed by the government, but had mysteriously disappeared, only to magically turn up in the Clinton White House after the statute of limitations had expired.

Jim McDougal, a partner in the land deal, went to prison. Webster Hubbell, a partner in the Rose Law firm who became an assistant attorney general in the Clinton administration, also went to prison.

Vince Foster, another partner at Rose, became deputy White House advisor. He committed suicide.

Bill and Hillary Clinton somehow escaped indictment.

More recently, we come to the period during which Hillary became Secretary of State in the Obama administration, followed by her run for president, during which she and Bill became enormously rich through “pay-to-play” speeches and “donations” to the Clinton Foundation. The description “Crooked Hillary” fits this corrupt woman perfectly.

Now let me turn to the email scandal in which then Secretary Clinton used her private server to transmit classified government documents, thus endangering the safety of this country and criminally violating the federal espionage statute.

In the so-called “investigation” that followed, Hillary was not questioned under oath. There was no audio or videotaping of her testimony, and no transcript taken. A former FBI agent wrote the following: “Never, I repeat, never in my 25-year career have I, or any FBI agent known to me, investigated a criminal case without the use of a federal grand jury, federal grand jury subpoenas, search warrants, etc.”

It was obvious “the fix was in” when then FBI director James Comey exonerated Hillary, even though she was — as the statute required — “grossly negligent.” He used the watered–down euphemism “extremely careless.”

His cop-out was that Mrs. Clinton didn’t “intend” to break the law. This law, as he well knows, does not require intent. Hillary Clinton was guilty as sin. She should have been indicted, prosecuted and sent to jail!

The reason she wasn’t was a result of a criminal conspiracy by people at the highest level of the FBI — director James Comey, deputy director Andrew McCabe, and others you have read about recently. These people must all be investigated and prosecuted.

Thank God this corrupt woman, “Crooked Hillary,” did not become president of the United States!

Alvin Gordon,