Let’s not silence those who disagree with us


From virtually the very first issue of The Riverdale Press, founder David Stein wanted these pages to not only be a place where the great people living and working in our part of the Bronx got their news, but also a place where they could be free to express their opinions, no matter what they were.

For as far back as anyone can remember, The Press published any and all civilized discourse, especially in the opinion section, whether members of the editorial team agree with, or even vehemently oppose those opinions. And as you can see this week, we’re not even afraid to print letters calling us out when some readers feel we’ve done something wrong.

You know, like that advertising insert we included last week of a business legally selling, among other things, guns.

Proper journalism outfits, like The Press, erect a rather large wall between what we report in the news section of the paper, and what is sold in the advertising portion. Our advertising department stays out of what we’re reporting, and the editorial department stays out of what the advertising department sells.

While we will be the first to tell you how important the news and commentary is in The Press, we can’t forget the importance of advertising. Without the great businesses and community members who purchase space in our paper, there would be no paper coming to your door each week.

Advertising doesn’t only make the newspaper possible — it’s also an exercise in free speech, in very much the same way your letters in our opinion section are your exercise in free speech. Advertisers might pay for that privilege, but that does not diminish the degree to which we should protect that speech.

We certainly understand the problems guns create in our society. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, courtesy of the Brady Campaign, 309 Americans are shot in murders, assaults, suicides, unintentional shootings and police intervention each day. Of those, 93 will die.

Even more, 48 children and teenagers are shot each day, with seven of them dying.

Those are hard numbers to swallow, and a primary reason why the debate over gun control may never cool.

But how can we debate if we silence a side? Who will listen to these facts, to these emotional pleas, if they themselves aren’t invited to the conversation?

Far too often, we hear something we don’t like, and our first instinct is to silence it. “I don’t like it, so don’t subject me to it.”

True freedom of speech, however, isn’t protecting the speech we agree with. If that were the case, we wouldn’t even need that protection headlining the Bill of Rights. No, we codify freedom of speech because it’s designed to protect the speech that’s harder for us to defend — the speech we disagree with.

No matter what your feelings were about the gun advertising insert, you still must admit the ad re-opened the debate about gun control on these pages. And it’s a debate that must continue — but only if we’re willing to listen.

And that means not silencing those who disagree with us. Instead, we must stay engaged, listen, and hope the other side will do the same.


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Democrap 4 life

I am totally against freedom of the press unless they agree with me

I am however fully in favor of the Clinton News Network (CNN) and National Bull Chit station (NBC)

I am against people having gunss as guns kill except mine which I keep in Pennsylvania and in Vermont

Actually more people were killed by Ted Kennedy then all my assault weapons combined so we must realize the car made Ted Kennedy a murderer

Box cutters on air planes killed more people then the attack on Pearl Harbor because my democratic politicians refused to allow flight crews to be armed.

The GUN FREE zone that the Clinton regime passed on military bases allowed the massacre of unarmed members of our military on a gun free military base

It was the Clinton regime that had an unarmed child shot in the back and his unarmed mother taken out of the gene pool (Ruby Ridge massacre)

Anyone ever look at how many armed guards are around these politicians 24 - 7 as the rest of us have to dial a pray and 911 when being attacked as both have the same results

I wanted to see how dangerous my "assault weapon" really is so I placed my assault weapon with 30 rounds of 7.62 x 39 AK type bullets in the banned clip and wanted to see for myself what would happen

I placed it on the porch and went to take a shower and the mailman came and dropped off some mail, a few people had passed my front yard and one lady came by asking for directions .

As I sat on the chair relaxing I noticed some teenagers drive by along with elderly people walking past my home

A full 12 hours went by and my gun did not shoot at a single person

I love is how Pol Pot, Adolf Hilter and other out of control regimes had gun "Control" to rid society of what they felt were unfit .

We democraps demand the Riverdale press meet with our "Ad Hoc " committee on what advertisements they print and have our approval before taking ads

We know by placing ads for X rated movies, massage parlors , Non Kosher food establishments we find highly offensive and if you do not refrain from publishing what my party deems right we will boycott the Riverdale press

Lord knows hows how may thousands of dollars dinowitz wasted to ban 50 cal single shot 50 caliber rifles that were last used in a crime around 1776 BUT as dingbat stated "one can never be to safe"

How about banning propane tanks and roofing nails and pressure cookers like the ones used in Boston?

The Riverdale press had better not take any ads from hardware stores that can sell materials that can be used in mass destruction or car advertisements as one never knows if a drunk may buy a car that the Riverdlae press was responsible for letting the drunk get behind the wheel

Sunday, July 9, 2017