Let's try not to get personal, hm?


To the editor:

(re: “Don’t judge writer by his letter,” April 26)

A brief rebuttal to Mr. Warren’s statement in the issue of April 26 is in order.

I said Mr. Gordon’s ad hominem attacks serve no purpose being published, not advocating for not publishing Mr. Gordon’s letters. If the letters are only personal attacks, then it is up to Mr. Gordon to reach up to community standards, not have us as a community drag ourselves down to his level.

That is the choice here, not publishing his letters.

If we are to raise the bar for a civil discourse, if we are to solve community concerns and issues, if we are to agree to disagree, then it is with opinion that we will disagree — not attacks on people. There will always be some publication somewhere that will publish Mr. Gordon’s personal vitriol. Do we as a community wish to give such nastiness an unnecessary voice?

I say no. I say Mr. Gordon should straighten up and offer his opinion on issues, not people.

Adam Stoler

Adam Stoler