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Liberals are still in denial


To the editor: 

I don’t get it! Liberals are all for granting “illegal” immigrants shelter, education and medical benefits — even hiding them from federal agents.

However, when American citizens want to exercise their Second Amendment right to purchase a firearm, they have a hissy fit. 

Thank God President Trump will do everything he can to identify those “illegals” and let the legal system deal with them. He will also support our right to own a weapon to protect ourselves and our families.

Just look how well gun control laws have worked in Chicago, Obama’s hometown.

Liberals better hope that the “notorious” RBG (Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg) doesn’t forget to take her meds. Compared to Gorsuch, the next nominee will be much further to the right.



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For those who cannot understand the issue with illegals I suggest they move to Washington Heights. East Side of Broadway. Then get back to me.

Too often those screaming for the rights of illegals don't live it and their snowflakes don't attend school w/it.

How many illegals attend Riverdale Country or Fieldston? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Friday, April 21

Read the last item and then look at Trump's Cabinet. No wonder D.C.

is in a turmoil. Trump's picks are bosses and expect their employees

to Work!

Subject: Eye Opening Numbers

This is what bothers a lot of people about Trump. He won't accept a

can't do attitude, or inexperienced, incompetent performance. He will

get results, it just might not be smooth or pretty.

Here are some amazing stats: Make sure you read to the bottom. An eye

opener! (Or should be!)



New Mexico






New York


South Carolina

These 10 States now have More People on Welfare than they do Employed!

2. Last month, the Senate Budget Committee reports that in fiscal year

2012, between food stamps, housing support, child care, Medicaid and

other benefits, the average U.S. Household below the poverty line

received $168.00 a day in government support. What's the problem with

that much support? Well, the median household income in America is

just over $50,000, which averages out to $137.13 a day.

To put it another way, being on welfare now pays the equivalent of

$30.00 an hour for 40 hour week, while the average job pays $24.00 an


3. Check the last set of statistics!!

The percentage of each past president's cabinet who had worked in the

private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet. You

know what the private business sector is: A real-life business not a

government job.

Here are the percentages:

38% T. Roosevelt

40% Taft

52% Wilson

49% Harding

48% Coolidge

42% Hoover

50% F. D. Roosevelt

50% Truman

57% Eisenhower

30% Kennedy

47% Johnson

53% Nixon

42% Ford

32% Carter

56% Reagan

51% GH Bush

39% Clinton

55% GW Bush

8% Obama

This helps explain the bias, if not the incompetence, of the last

administration: ONLY 8% of them have ever worked in private business!

That's right! Only eight percent - the least, by far, of the last 19

presidents! And these people tried to tell our corporations how to

run their businesses?

How could Obama president of a major nation and society, the one with

the most successful economic system in world history, stand and talk

about business when he's never worked for one? Or about jobs when he

has never really had one? And, when it's the same for 92% of his

senior staff and closest advisers? They've spent most of their time

in academia, government, and/or non-profit jobs or as "community


Friday, April 21