Michael Heller stepping down as district manager

Was only on the job for three months before deciding to retire


Michael Heller, who officially stepped in as Community Board 8’s district manager in June, is retiring just three months after starting the job.

The board’s executive committee selected Heller for the $75,000 annually job out of 50 potential candidates in April, and was confirmed before the whole community board in May. But between that appointment and now, the 61-year-old has contemplated retirement after more than three decades of public affairs work.

Heller confirmed his decision to The Riverdale Press on Monday, adding he would continue as district manager until November. That’s coincidentally the same month he celebrates his 62nd birthday.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time now,” Heller told The Press. “I’ve reconsidered my lifestyle … my daughter just went off to college and my son is living in another city, so I’ve just decided to make some changes in my daily activities.”

Read more about Heller’s departure in the Aug. 31 edition of The Riverdale Press.


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Sounds fishy. Like he was given the job to secure some kind of long term benefits or pension upon retirement.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Although your hearts in the right place XRamirez, your accusation holds no water in this case. Very unlikely he only needed three months time to receive a pension. Perhaps working at the Community Board just sucks because of the multiple crazies he needed to deal with?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
John Nimby

Can Community Board install a manager who cares about the things Riverdalites care about please. More parking. More asphalt. Zero bike lanes.

| Tuesday, August 29, 2017

TT, you can bridge city time. Don't be surprised if he had a city job years ago, just fell short of some milestone as he jumped to the private sector. Now he gets a few months and the age. Someone should look into it. His connections to Dinowitz are long-standing, his hiring a big deal. His departure as soon as he hits 62 is fishy.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mike Heller was the worst CBer on the Community Board. before he took that job I was relieved to see him off the board. I suspect he found he didn't like serving it so much as bing on it, so once again, he can gift us with his total cluelessness and belief that the board is an Elder Council.

Just before the discussion on the Broadway Calming Plan, he left the Transportation Committee as Chair- when that committee could have used some support to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Instead the worst single resolution in Community Board 8 history was delivered.

On a project I cared about in the last 2 years, that involved development that I think is unhealthy and a wrong direction in the city, and that's a giveaway to the real estate industry, the Board Chair asked board members to hold to only one comment before voting on a resolution. Every time a CBer spoke against the development, Mike Heller blustered - saying the exact same thing he said before - which was to bully other CBers into supporting the development. Three times he did that, and no one on the board corrected him asking him to follow the Chair's rules. He and 3 other people stifled all real discussion through bluster and bravado (and all of them spoke more than once, against the Chair's rule).

The Transportation Committee is not competent on complex issues. When multi-streets are closed down for paving, instead of ensuring traffic officers are on hand to help keep traffic flowing, we end up with huge traffic jams - and the fumes last for hours.

The community especially needs traffic officers-on-call for 230th and 231st - which jam up from time to time too easily. Crickets from that community board.

Heller wants to "volunteer" - a tipoff he wants to get back on the community board again. So another board member among the worst of them with gross sensibilities, tone deafness, cluelessness.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

To correct the first paragraph:

Mike Heller was the worst CBer on the Community Board before he took that job. When he did, I was relieved to see him off the board. I suspect he found he didn't like serving it so much as being on it, so he can gift us with his total cluelessness and indulge his belief that the Board is an Elder Council.

Saturday, September 2, 2017