One way to make an Elantra disappear


One local motorist probably wishes she’d been more vigilant about locking up her car and not leaving a spare key inside for a lucky thief to find.

But that’s what police said may have happened early in the morning of Nov. 18 when the 59-year-old woman returned to the spot she’d parked her car on the 6200 block of Spencer Avenue. 

Instead of being greeted by her blue 2017 Hyundai Elantra, she instead was met with an empty parking spot.

The woman told police she might have left the car unlocked with a spare key inside — but she wasn’t certain.

Cops canvassed the area to no avail. They also ruled out towing or repossession. They valued the car at a little over $21,300.

Although the investigation is over, police have an alarm out on the Elantra just in case.


Rims and tires back on the ave

Not all car thieves are out to get the car. Some apparently just want the rims and tires.

It’s hard not to imagine the shock one driver felt when, very early on the morning of Nov. 16, he reportedly walked up to his car at the corner of Riverdale Avenue and West 231st Street only to find all four of the rims and tires missing.

Police arrested two men, 24 and 22, who they say made the 2017 Honda Accord temporarily immobile.


Three-on-one robbery ends in single arrest

It was a lopsided struggle. 

A 48-year-old man probably wishes he had a few buddies looking out for him when, at about 3 a.m., last Saturday, he reportedly got attacked by three other men in front of the 2800 block of Bailey Avenue.

He said he was pummeled before the attackers took $400 in cash and a ZTE cell phone valued by police at $500. 

Police arrested one of the assailants, a 23-year-old man, but the other two so far got away. Investigators haven’t given up, believing they’ll soon locate the other two men in connection with the robbery.