Site needed for parking


To the editor:

Eliminating the free-for-all diagonal parking in this wildly overdeveloped area near the 5731 Broadway site is a matter of public safety.

The 50th Precinct itself is inaccessible to the public because no spots are designated for citizen business. 

A far better idea would be to create a three-story parking lot with full curb cuts for use of the police department for personal cars while on duty, and department vehicles, thereby returning the area surrounding the station house to non-police business.

This also would reduce congestion in an area unduly “squeezed” in an attempt to retrain citizens to leave their cars at home. 

Instead, they have created a pressure cooker filled with brains — and you are about to step in front of a car driven by one.

Leaving common sense traffic planning behind in the pursuit of the utopian bicycle people is misguided and foolish. Stop allowing development of any kind where you already have an untenable squeeze — in this case, from both over-development and ignorant traffic planning.


Thomas Maguire,