Letters to the editor

Skimmers strike at TD Bank


To the editor:

I want to inform you of an incident which happened to me. On Wednesday, I went online to check my account balance and discovered my account had been cleaned out. Six different ATM withdrawals from Citibank branches in Queens!

I immediately contacted my bank to inform them what happened. They cancelled my bankcard and instructed me to go to the nearest precinct (I live in Riverdale) to get the police report. While there, I discovered that many TD Bank depositors were also victimized. 

I was told by one of the precinct detectives that a skimming device was inserted or attached to TD Bank ATM machines at the branch on West 230th Street, an ATM I frequently use. This also affected several depositors from a local Ridgewood Savings Bank branch.

The bank is aware, the police precinct is aware, but the community has not been alerted. At least, I wasn’t informed by my bank that this had occurred, and may have compromised my account. 

Furthermore, I feel the bank has not gotten in front of this issue, and should be held to some accountability since this fraud was perpetrated on their property and with their ATMs. 

Depositors use bank ATMs because they believe them to be a safe, convenient way to transact business and access their hard-earned money. TD Bank is responsible for taking every reasonable measure to ensure the safety of their depositor’s money.


David Alejandro