The slimy slush fund of Congress


To the editor:

For the last month or so starting with the Harvey Weinstein scandal, newspapers and other media outlets have been increasingly saturated by seemingly never-ending accounts of alleged sexual predation by men in positions of power — primarily in the fields of show business, the media, music and politics.

I use the word “alleged” because although some men have admitted guilt, not all have. They have either denied the charges, or stated the acts were consensual. 

The truth, hopefully, will all come out in time. But meanwhile, those who will have been falsely accused will have had their reputations and careers destroyed.

I personally really don’t care much about these scandals except for a particular fact that came out regarding Congress that I’m sure most of us had no knowledge of, and that is that these scumbag legislators have at their disposal, a slush fund of taxpayer money (our money) to pay off sexual harassment complaints.

The Congressional Office of Compliance is an agency set up in 1995 to resolve labor and other disputes, including sexual harassment complaints brought by Congressional staffers against lawmakers. Since its inception, this fund has distributed more than $17 million.

This year alone, according to a recent report, the U.S. Treasury has paid out $934,754.

The newspapers have only now brought the news of this slush fund to the public’s attention, and have only now mentioned the named of just a few politicians — both Democrats and Republicans — who have made use of this fund.

$17 million is a hell of a lot of money, and I think the public is entitled to know the names of which legislators over the years have made use of this fund, for what particular purpose, and how much of our hard-earned money was spent by each legislator.

U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel has been in office since before this slimy slush fund came into existence. He probably voted for it (The Congressional Accountability Act). 

If he didn’t, he can tell us so.

The question is, “Did Mr. Engel benefit from it?” The only way to find out is to get an accounting of the $17 million.

Congressman Engel should immediately introduce a bill to that effect. Perhaps neighboring congressmen Joseph Crowley, Jose Serrano and Jerrold Nadler (who are just as suspect as Eliot Engel) will sign on as co-sponsors?

Alvin Gordon

Alvin Gordon


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Democrat for life

I have no problem with my tax money being used to protect child molesters or degenerates such as Joe Biden fondling women and children standing next to him or Wild Bill Clinton and Hellery with her donors friends .

As long as these degenerates are in public office they should be above any laws we regular people are subjected to.

The elite among us are right to disarm citizens and their and their family's lives are much more important then the average citizen unless you can afford a NYC pistol license then of course its ok as long as the rift raft among us do not get a license

The democratic party in Massachusetts was one million percent correct to keep electing Ted (drive them one way) Kennedy as Mary Jo's life was not really that important when looking at the big picture and seeing all of Teds accomplishments such as using the USN to locate JFK's sons plane .

What happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas could have happened to any democratic president and there was a cash out of court settlement for wrongful death so the family has nothing to complain about

If the Clinton's were not so broke they could have bought several hoses next door to them not just one

There is no valid reason to ask how a president such as Obama makes millions while serving the public

I see nothing wrong with a senator or congress or even how Mrs Clinton's family made millions while she held office.

Just because a person is a senator does not mean their children or spouse should not benefit from some government contract or given a job right out of college for over $500,000

I get on my knees everyday and thank the lord I have the best career politicians money can buy in office

I just hope one day the state senate passes a bill to have free dental insurance for our bad teeth senator in Riverdale

I am thankful wee have assemblyman dingbat in office rather then on welfare being even more of a burden to our society

Mark Stagg r must have found some deep pockets in our area bless his soul to build the housing in our area .

I wonder how many "citizens of the world" are working on his projects AKA undocumented workers ? as I am just curious by nature

The mayor is correct allowing non tax paying people to work off the books and even get a chance to vote in upcoming elections to make sure my party is always in office

The last thing this city needs is another Rudy Giuliani who is for stronger laws and was very anti corruption .

Even the tyrant Bloomberg was great for two terms until he went berserk and took away my big soda bottles

The mayor shows how little time is actually needed to run this city after all he is not accountable for how many hours he has to actually show up

If there was accountability for molesters, drunk driver, rapists, sexual misconduct we would no longer have a political party and conservatives would run the entire country and that I will not tolerate

Saturday, January 13