Trump definitely is a threat


To the editor:

(re: “Don’t blame Trump just because the world is a mess,” July 27)

Conservative commentators have described Trump in the following ways:

Ross Douhat wrote July 27 about Trump: “… he is clearly impaired, gravely deficient somewhere at the intersection of reason and judgment and conscience and self-control. This president should not be president, and the sooner he is not, the better.”

David Brooks on July 28: “The Trump administration is a moral cancer eating away at conservatism, the Republican Party, and what it means to be a public servant.”

When Mr. D’Holzer states that I have “gall” to write about President Trump, I respond that I am expressing my honest opinion about a president who observes no boundaries in attacking our right to vote and speak up.

Trump thinks he is a king, and that is a very dangerous idea in a nation founded on the rule of law. 

He is currently attacking the independence of the justice department. 

He has taken money from Russian oligarchs, which makes him beholden to a hostile, foreign power. 

He regularly attacks our political institutions, and degrades the credibility of the office of the presidency every single day.

So yes, I believe this chaos president is the greatest threat to our freedoms and security.

Michael Gold

Michael Gold


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God is this guy a supreme dummy. Earth to Gold....Hilary sold our Uranium to Russia in return for a nice fat check to her foundation. And she did this while Secretary of State. And please tell me, did Putin personally switch the votes in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania? I don't think so. All I saw in those states, and all over the country, was a lot of pissed off voters angry at the establishment and ready, willing and able to vote anybody in who gave them a glimmer of hope.

Thursday, August 17
Democrap 4 Life

Please truth teller never confuse us democraps with the truth as it hurts to much

Never talk about "we are the president" who called NYC police murders just before she ordered the killings on ruby Ridge and the massacre in Waco Texas . At least the "Donald" never murdered anyone

Please truth forget about travel gate, water gate ,cattle dealings pathological liars ,no self respect, no morals , and their "Foundation" has yet to gives the funds promised to Haiti

The looting of the oval office was a mistake as HELLery thought the silverware was hers to keep as "We are the president"

The lying before congress and the senate does not make her a bad person ..She just suffers from selective amnesia "I can't remember, I can't recollect. I have no knowledge of, I was not privy to that information"

Self loathing Jews seem to over look Mrs Clinton's anti Semitic rantings that actually had her get the "Jewish vote" to show we are the chosen people and will not take her spewing derogatory remarks personally as she is a democrap and we only support each other.

Thursday, August 31