Trump definitely is a threat


To the editor:

(re: “Don’t blame Trump just because the world is a mess,” July 27)

Conservative commentators have described Trump in the following ways:

Ross Douhat wrote July 27 about Trump: “… he is clearly impaired, gravely deficient somewhere at the intersection of reason and judgment and conscience and self-control. This president should not be president, and the sooner he is not, the better.”

David Brooks on July 28: “The Trump administration is a moral cancer eating away at conservatism, the Republican Party, and what it means to be a public servant.”

When Mr. D’Holzer states that I have “gall” to write about President Trump, I respond that I am expressing my honest opinion about a president who observes no boundaries in attacking our right to vote and speak up.

Trump thinks he is a king, and that is a very dangerous idea in a nation founded on the rule of law. 

He is currently attacking the independence of the justice department. 

He has taken money from Russian oligarchs, which makes him beholden to a hostile, foreign power. 

He regularly attacks our political institutions, and degrades the credibility of the office of the presidency every single day.

So yes, I believe this chaos president is the greatest threat to our freedoms and security.

Michael Gold

Michael Gold