A touch of Singapore


The supertrees in Singapore can reach nearly 160 feet into the sky. At the New York Botanical Garden, those vertical gardens are not nearly as high. But for this year’s orchid show, the garden took inspiration from the wealthy Southeast Asian nation where the orchid is the national flower.

As in previous years, there are thousands of orchids in resplendent, brilliantly colored arrangements, though there are several standout features this year, including the aforementioned supertrees. Among the structures on display are arches made of orchids that are a signature feature of Singapore’s National Orchid Garden.

There’s a touch of Hollywood, too, with the naming of a new hybrid orchid for actress and comedian Awkwafina. She had a starring role in last year’s blockbuster film “Crazy Rich Asians,” which is set in Singapore.

“The Orchid Show: Singapore” is on display through April 28.

— Julius Constantine Motal