Abortion is wrong


To the editor:

About the abortion expansion bill signed by Gov. Cuomo: Life is beautiful. Everyone has a right to be born. Everyone has a right to live.

Does Gov. Cuomo have no heart? How could he sign this bill that ends the life of a full-term baby? Gov. Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act to expand abortion on Jan. 22. What he did was more than murder. How can he sleep at night?

This new abortion expansion mandates that, to make an abortion convenient and easy, a physician need not perform it.

It allows abortion for any reason throughout a woman’s pregnancy.

It removes all criminal penalties for abortion, even if it is contrary to the woman’s choice.

It removes all criminal penalties for infants accidentally born alive in the course of the abortion.

It was very disturbing and sad to see him sign this bill with a big smile on his face, and his team applauding and cheering. Cuomo plugged it as progress for women. Afterward, they celebrated in the executive office.

How could he pass this bill, which allows a little baby to be ripped out of the mother’s womb? This is a human being from the time it is conceived. This baby feels the pain as it is being torn out of the womb. This child did nothing wrong to deserve it.

This child was created by God, but he or she will never get to know the beautiful things in life that he has created for each one of us to enjoy.

Let’s hope and pray that Gov. Cuomo and abortion advocates will see the injustice they have done by singing this abortion expansion into law.

Sister Amy McKenna

The author represents the life ministry committee of St. Gabriel’s.

Sister Amy McKenna,