An ode to Officer Sicknick


To the editor:

This child of the ‘60s who protested police brutality and called the cops “pigs” and never rooted for them to win, watched television and saw that they call the remains of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick being honored in the Capitol Rotunda.

This ‘60s child is now in her 70s, and no longer thinks that every policeman is up to no good. I cried at this life lost because of lies and deception.

“Remains” is a polite word to say the dead body of someone who did two tours in the U.S. Air National Guard, and came home to be beaten to death by a horde of sick people who thought they had the white right to protest using violence, thinking perhaps — unconsciously or not — that their white skin would keep them from facing jail time. So used to that white privilege, they probably didn’t even think that there would be consequences for their actions.

The hypocrisy of our country is making my stomach turn this morning. How dare this country tell Russia anything about Alexei Navalny when the duly elected representatives of the American people have chosen to let the perpetrator in charge go free for inciting a riot.

When people elected to protect us, who were at death’s door a month ago, hiding under chairs with gas masks on, fearful and afraid for their lives, who were waiting for a mob to come get them, now will not vote to indict that perpetrator in charge.

Not vote him guilty of insurrection because they want to be re-elected by the people at home who put them there. The people who think it’s OK Brian Sicknick died in vain. Not vote him guilty because the elected are afraid of those same people who elected them, afraid that someone will show up at their home and threaten them and their family with death if they do vote “yes” to indict.

The hypocrisy is so evident. To me, to the good people of this country who are waking up with the same sense of despair, and to the rest of the world who used to believe that America was the land of the free and the home of the brave, and that justice prevailed.

I have known for many decades now how prejudice and hatred of others simmers not so quietly. I just couldn’t anticipate Jan. 6 — not in our country.

Perhaps I have been naïve all along, and other citizens who bear the brunt of this hatred knew all along that Jan. 6 was right around the corner.

How will we ever become whole again, America? I mourn you.

Rest in peace, Officer Sicknick.

Ariana Holback

The author is a member of the Sunshine Writers Circle.

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Ariana Holback,