Be careful while out on your runs


A couple left their home on the 3700 block of Sedgwick Avenue on the afternoon of May 3, with all the intention of going for a run. When they returned home, however, police said the front door to their apartment was damaged. 

Video footage ultimately confirmed that while the couple was gone, someone broke into their apartment and hit quite the motherlode — stealing $56,000 in cash from a safe, Apple iPads, a Mac computer, sunglasses, and even a PlayStation 4 gaming console.

Caught in the act

Thefts of tires and rims are common in this part of the Bronx, but they’re usually carried out in the dead of night, with no one around to see the thieves wheel their bounty away.

This time, though, someone was around to see some would-be tire jackers prepare for their crime. Three men found a 2018 Honda Accord on the corner of Irwin Avenue and Johnson Avenue early in the morning on May 5. As they started to remove rims and tires, an officer arrived, catching them in the middle of the act, according to a report.

They tried to run to their own vehicle, but the officer was faster, nabbing them before they could get away. He reportedly found milk crates, a car jack, and a wrench in their car — tools police say are common in stealing from (and off of) parked vehicles.

All three were charged with grand larceny, but luckily for the owner, made off with $0 in equipment.

Like work wasn’t hard enough

A man parked his work van outside of 2700 Netherland Avenue at about 6 a.m. on April 15, police said. He proceeded about his day, but had a nasty shock when he returned in the late afternoon. Someone had broken his passenger’s side window and climbed into the car, where they stole over $6,000 worth of tools.

Those tools included seven drills, four grinders, four nail guns, two digital levels, and two shop-vacs.

Please keep your distance

Everyone knows to keep a six-foot distance from other people in public nowadays — except one customer at Garden Gourmet who decided to walk into an area of the Broadway store he wasn’t supposed to early in the afternoon of May 3.

Store employees asked the man to observe distancing policies, police said, but the customer got upset — enough to take out a screwdriver or knife and flash it at employees. 

He promptly left the store, but was arrested nearby and charged with menacing with a weapon.