Bronx Science focuses mentally


The Bronx High School of Science steps into the New Year with a clear and healthy head.

Between Jan. 14 and Jan. 18, students will dedicate a week to mental health and psychological well-being, learning ways to reduce anxiety and stress through various activities.

Last year, Bronx Science provided relaxing sessions like yoga and meditation. Students also were given the opportunity to talk about their feelings and get advice from counselors.

The week is dedicated to student peace of mind and to steer them away from the stresses of not just their classes, but adolescence as well.


Marie Curie heads into the city, upstate

The Marie Curie School for Medicine, Nursing, and Health Professions takes its learning outside of classroom twice this month.

First, some students will head to the New York Historical Society on Central Park West on Jan. 16. There they’ll explore what the city looked like in the past. Some exhibits feature history like the Jim Crow era and the fight for women’s rights.

Then it’s off to college — well, Manhattanville College. The Jan. 23 trip will take Marie Curie students to Manhattanville’s Purchase campus.


Riverdale Country brings harmony

Riverdale Country Upper School is embracing winter in a celebratory way.

On Jan. 11, the private school will host its winter diversity banquet at the John R. Johnson Student Center and Jeslo Harris Theater on the Hill Campus.

The dinner takes place between 6 and 9 p.m. Then on Jan. 17, the school hosts its winter choral concert beginning at 8 at Jeslo.


Saint Gabriel goes cocoa loco

If the kids at Saint Gabriel School weren’t sweet enough, their upcoming chocolate sale might rot some people’s teeth out.

The school’s so-called World’s Finest Chocolate Sale begins Jan. 22. The fundraising chocolate brand has been around since the 1960s specializing in helping organizations raise money for various causes.

The bar prices vary, but they won’t break the bank. Some are even as low as $1.

Once the sale starts, Saint Gabriel students will have plenty of product to sell — with their parent’s permission, of course.


Lehman welcomes new provost

There’s a new provost in town, and his name is Peter Nwosu.

Lehman College president Jose Cruz appointed Nwosu not only to that role, but also made him a senior vice president of academic affairs and student success at the City University of New York school, set to begin this spring.

Originally from Nigeria, Nwosu earned his master’s at Towson University near Baltimore, and his doctorate from Howard University in Washington, D.C.


KHCC needs help

Kingsbridge Heights Community Center depends not just on the people who come by its Kingsbridge Terrace location for various programs, but also from the generous support of donors, too.

Cash gifts from between $10 and $100 can help KHCC purchase seeds, soil and tools for its garden. Books for the after-school program as well as teen center library also can be purchased with donations, as well as gas for the center’s van, and diapers for the early childhood program.

The government funds about 80 percent of KHCC’s programming but the rest comes from donations.

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