Cabrera wants NYPD to take a knee


If the New York Police Department wants to help ease tension with protesters upset over last week’s cop-involved killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, then all they need to do is take a knee.

At least that’s what Councilman Fernando Cabrera suggests NYPD officers should do every day at noon as a way to remember those who have lost their lives to police violence.

“My heart was moved by the officers who voluntarily knelt down to pay respects to George Floyd and (his) family last weekend during the protests,” Cabrera said, in a release.

The councilman is referring to some officers in Queens who knelt with protesters on Sunday as a sign of solidarity.

“These officers are truly ‘officers of the peace,’ and their actions promote healing, rather than perpetuating discord, anger, hurt and sorrow,” Cabrera said. “If we are to survive as a city — as a nation — we must have meaningful dialogue and commitment to change that ensures that everyone is treated with respect and dignity by law enforcement.”

There has been a lot of anger and frustration that has erupted between police and civilians, Cabrera said, yet stopping to take on a symbolic action could help heal those wounds.

“Changing the tone of our interactions is the first step,” he said. “New York City’s police force should lead the nation.”


Engel, Bowman collect endorsements

The Congressional Black Caucus has endorsed U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel in his re-election efforts, while his main primary challenger — Jamaal Bowman — won the support of the American Federation of School Administrators, as well as journalist and climate activist Naomi Klein.

“To recover from the pandemic, win a Green New Deal and transform our society, we need Jamaal Bowman in congress,” Klein said.