Care about people — just make sure it's right people


This Point of View will discuss various aspects of the extremely serious, locust-like invasion of this country by “illegal aliens” — which happens to be the exact words used by U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer and his Democratic colleagues in 2009, and during the entire Obama administration to correctly refer to these lawbreakers.

The politically correct term “undocumented immigrants” is only a recent, phony expression intentionally invented by Democratic Party politicians to detract attention away from the criminality of the illegals, and give the Democratic Party cover for its major policy change to now favor (and try to achieve by any means necessary) its embrace of “open borders.”

Open borders is a disastrous policy that would change for the worst, and destroy — as we know it — this great and wonderful country that most of us are so proud of and love. Any why? Simply because the Democratic Party, for its own selfish purposes — and to hell with this country — cynically believes that opening our borders to everyone (just come on in) will give it political advantage in future elections?

Let’s now discuss “inducement and deterrence.” If you want to get people to do something, you make it beneficial to them, such as giving them tax credit for buying solar panels and electric cars, or deductions for donating to charities. Conversely, if you want to discourage people from doing something, you pass laws instituting congestion pricing or raising taxes on cigarettes or gasoline. Or in the realm of politics — threaten a primary.

However, when it comes to immigration, this country has it backward. Our immigration laws are so absolutely idiotic that they, rather than deter illegal aliens from coming, actually seduce them into coming. What’s the answer? It’s staring us in the face — you change the laws, which can easily be done.

But the problem is that Democratic politicians, because of their insane and psychopathic hatred of Donald Trump, sit on their collective behinds and do nothing. These obstinate, anti-American, political slime will feel the voters’ disgust in the next election.

As for the 11 million illegals (probably millions more) who are already here and happily enjoying the rewards of our stupidity such as free medical care, free education, free this and that, and to already be living here in the United States rather than in their own countries, and the greatest of all benefits — the granting of automatic citizenship to their children born in this country (this provision of the 14th Amendment screams for itself to be amended to prevent this), these illegals should live in constant fear of being deported, and should never, ever, under any circumstances, be allowed to become citizens.

When this news spreads to other countries, as it most certainly will, the flow of new illegals will drop enormously. That’s deterrence.

One final point: The “goody-goodies,” the “holier than thou” and “aren’t I a wonderful human being” folks whom I categorize as “Upper West Side liberal Jews” (although they are not all Jewish) will vigorously decry my “lack of compassion,” and will call me all sorts of vile names. But as I’ve previously stated in several letters over the years, my compassion goes not to the lawbreakers who enter the country illegally, but rather to those many millions of law-abiding people and their children (yes, they too have children) all over the world who have been patiently waiting in line for years to legally immigrate to this country.

You will never see photos of these people or their children in The New York Times or other newspapers, or know their names. But these are the people truly deserving our compassion.


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Alvin Gordon,